Elf Circus School

The Elf Circus School is an ambitious circus school and its pupils learn a wide range of circus skills: floor, pair and pyramid acrobatics, balancing acts, juggling and theatrical expression. The school caters for adults down to children as young as 1. Every spring there is an end-of-term party where the students get to perform with full costumes and stage sets. The spring party is held on the Hurjaruuth stage.

The Elf Circus school head teacher is circus artist, clown and experienced teacher Celso de la Molina. On Mondays the teacher is circus artist, aerialist Haidi Sadonkorpi and on Saturdays circus teacher Karoliina Turkka.

See timetables.

Price for one term:
Once a week 45-60 min 160 €
Once a week 90 min 170 €
Twice a week 210 € (except family circus)
Three times a week 260 €
Family circus and toddler group once a week 190 € (1 child + 1 adult, extra person in family circus 90 € / season)
Discount for sibling -30€