Pannuhalli, Cable Factory, November 7, 2019 – January 12, 2020
Tall­berginkatu 1 P, 00180 Helsinki

Directed by Liisa Risu

Wow, Winter Circus BAU! This year, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth’s winter classic dangles around a construction site. The show builds off nimble parkour acts and an eerie, romantic atmosphere which crumbles off the industrial building’s walls.

Combining circus, dance and video art, the Winter Circus is a warm-spirited contemporary circus show which is suited for people of all ages. The Cable factory’s Pannuhalli has been its home since the year 2000. Winter Circus BAU is a playful tribute to the rugged Pannuhalli, its industrial romantic spirit, and its history – both real and imagined.

The show features a fantastic cast of circus talent from e.g. France, Sweden and Finland. The show’s videos and projections are created by Joona Pettersson, who has been responsible for the stunning video designs of several previous Winter Circus shows. The music, composed by Iiro Ollila and played by a live orchestra, is a gushing fountain of breathtaking melodies and wondrous soundscapes.

The Winter Circus is great fun for the whole family. Every year, lots of groups of grown-ups also find their way to the Winter Circus. The visually beautiful and warm-spirited Winter Circus is this Christmas season’s definite top attraction!

Winter Circus shows continue until January 12th 2020.
Age recommendation: 3+.

ZAng, zaNG, ThUmp, KLONk, babaBAU – welcome to the Winter Circus!

Hurjaruutu – Behind the scenes

Season 2019

HURJARUUTU #S7E1 (The Performers of Winter Circus BAU)

HURJARUUTU #S7E2 (Circus Rigger Jouni Ihalainen & Circus Artist Ester Viljanen)

HURJARUUTU #S7E3 (Parkour)

HURJARUUTU #S7E4 (Circus Orchestra)

HURJARUUTU #S7E5 (Costume Designer Joona Huotari)

HURJARUUTU #S7E6 (Feelings before the Premiere, Winter Circus BAU)

Season 2018

HURJARUUTU #S6E1 (The Performers of Winter Circus Love)

HURJARUUTU #S6E2 (Director Sanna Silvennoinen and Set & Costume designer Mirkka Nyrhinen)

HURJARUUTU #S6E3 (Behind the Scenes with Stella)

HURJARUUTU #S6E4 (Clown Hanna Terävä)

HURJARUUTU #S6E5 (Feelings before the Premiere, Winter Circus Love)

HURJARUUTU #S5E6 (Children’s thoughts about Love)

Season 2017

HURJARUUTU #S5E1 (Director Davide Giovanzana)

HURJARUUTU #S5E2 (The Performers of Winter Circus Play)

HURJARUUTU #S5E3 (Costume Designer Riitta Röpelinen)

HURJARUUTU #S5E4 (Trampoline)

HURJARUUTU #S5E5 (Feelings before the Premiere)

HURJARUUTU #S5E6 (Hurjaruutu Talks / Game Designer Mike Pohjola)

Season 2016


Season 2015

HURJARUUTU #S3E1 (sirkusohjaaja Maksim Komaro)

HURJARUUTU#S3E2 (trikkaaja Vellu Saarela)

HURJARUUTU #S3E3 (esiintyjät esittelyssä)

HURJARUUTU #S3E4 (ensi-iltatunnelmat)

Season 2014

HURJARUUTU # S2E1 (Sirkusorkesteri Uneton)

HURJARUUTU # S2E2 (harjoitukset Pannuhallissa)

HURJARUUTU # S2E3 (kuolemanpyörä-artistit)

HURJARUUTU # S2E4 (ensi-iltatunnelmat)

Season 2013

Hurjaruutu #1 (ohjaaja Davide Giovanzana)

Hurjaruutu #2 (esiintyjät esittelyssä)

Hurjaruutu #3 (käsikirjoittaja kosmologi Syksy Räsänen)

Hurjaruutu #4 (säveltäjä, muusikko, äänivelho Tommi Lindell)

Hurjaruutu #5 (lipunmyyjä Maija Rautemaa)

Hurjaruutu #6 (ilma-akrobaatti Heini Koskinen)

Hurjaruutu #7 (pukusuunnittelija Kirsi Manninen ja puvusto)

Hurjaruutu #8 (esiintyjien tunnelmat ensi-illan alla)

Hurjaruutu #9 (ohjaaja Davide Giovanzana)