Boy with a Crow

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth is dusting off the classic! Boy with a Crow is a movement-based performance, inspired by Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s beloved painting. In an experiential performance, children also play the role of an artist.

Duration approx. 45 min. Age recommendation: 3+.

Direction: Joona Halonen
Performers: Anni Kaila, Jussi Suomalainen
Sound design: Maura Korhonen
Costume design: Suvi Hänninen
Video design: Joona Pettersson
Light design: Riku Virtanen
Set design: Joona Halonen and working group

Premiere in Autumn 2020!
Boy with a Crow on Hurjaruuth’s Stage, Cable Factory, Staircase A, 2nd floor.