Morro and Jasp (CAN): Save the Date

Wed 12.2. at 6 pm
Thu 13.2. at 6 pm

Does saying “I Do” to someone new mean saying “I Don’t” to each other? For better or for worse, the sisters have to negotiate what their relationship will look like now that there is a third person in the mix. Can they survive this new chapter of life without the person who has always been by their side? Join Morro and Jasp as they say yes to the dress, try to handle the stress, and attempt to throw a big fat clown wedding without throwing up.

Morro and Jasp are clown sisters who live in Toronto, Ontario (that’s in Canada…in case you are reading this from a far away country). They like to make plays and perform them for people all over the world. They also make movies, books, songs, and  are currently developing a graphic novel, a video game, and a TV pilot.

“Skilfully written and performed, the duo execute the high intensity comedy while never losing sight of the emotional poignancy of their crisis. ”
NNNNN NOW Magazine

“Pure joy. The writing by Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee is laugh-out-loud funny, the observations are sharply focused and the physical humour, from a veil that never ends, to the frantic cake-tasting, will make you sore from laughing.”
The Slotkin Letter

Age recommendation: 13+.
In English.
Duration 1 h.

Tickets (including transaction fees) from: 25 / 15 e. Festival pass 55 e (only from Hurjaruuth).

Written and Performed by Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee
With Direction and Dramaturgy from Byron Laviolette and Kat Sandler
Clown Coach: John Turner
Set and Props Design by Roxanne Ignatius and Heather Marie Annis
Costume Design by Heather Marie Annis with Roxanne Ignatius
Sound Design by Mark Andrada and Amy Lee
Stage Management by Ellen Brooker
Photography by Alex Nirta
Graphic design by Joshua Duchesne

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