Welcome to Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth!

With a history spanning over 40 years and more than 120 productions, Hurjaruuth integrates contemporary dance with circus artists, musicians, writers and visual artists. Hurjaruuth’s annual Winter Circus thrills audiences with its aerial stunts, juggling and eye-boggling entertainment – each year’s show is a completely new creation.

The annual Ruutia! Festival is a rendezvous point for dance and movementbased theatre from Finland and abroad. The festival, founded in 1997, offers high quality performances for children and young audiences as well as workshops, meetings with the artists and public discussions about subjects related to the performances.

Hurjaruuth is hosting another annual festival, Red Pearl Womxn Clown Festival, which has been organized since 2012. Most clowns have traditionally been male, but this festival serve as a reminder that first-class female clowns can be found in the Nordic countries and all over the world.

See also Hurjaruuth’s Circus School for kids and adults.