MA compagnie (France): Mr. Mutt’s Mop 28.9.–1.10.2022

Mr. Mutt is a cleaner around whom everyday objects suddenly come to life. Amongst others things, a flying sheet of paper and a moody mop join in the dance – and that certainly amuses the kids!

Choreographer Marc Lacourt likes to put together stories that give life to objects.

He takes them out of their corner, cupboard or box and presents their contours.

Some of them step sideways, break out into a dance and under the light of the projectors or become the stars of the stage.

Mr. Mutt’s Mop (La Serpillère de Monsieur Mutt) invites you to follow the story of art, the delicacy of gestures and the pleasure of movement with the complicity of children.

Shows 28.9.–1.10.2022

Hurjaruuth Stage, Cable Factory (Tallberginkatu 1 A, 2. krs)

Wed 28.9. at 10 AM & 18
Thu 29.9. at 10 & 14.30
Fri 30.9. at 14.30
Sat 1.10. at 12.30

About 30 minutes + 15 minutes discussion (translated into Finnish).
In English. No language skill requirements for audience!
Age recommendation 4-8-year-olds.


16 € basic ticket (children and adults) from our online store
10 € theatre professional
10 € group ticket (each child) for schools and kindergartens
5 € instructor with a group

Also available for school and kindergarten groups! More information for groups by phone or e-mail. Check our contact information and opening hours here!


MA compagnie

Choreography and direction: Marc Lacourt  
Performer: Pierre Lison  
Light operator and technician on tour: Abigaël Dutertre
Photos: Pierre Planchenault

A coproduction of L’ÉCHANGEUR CDCN Hauts de France, La Manufacture CDCN Bordeaux Nouvelle Aquitaine, Très Tôt Théâtre, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national Art, Enfance, Jeunesse – Quimper.

Subsidized by: Ministère de la Culture et communication – DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Support: Container, espace de création partagée; Residences: Théâtre et conservatoire de VANVES, L’échangeur CDCN Hauts de France, La Manufacture CDCN BORDEAUX Nouvelle Aquitaine, Théâtre Jean Gagnant CCM LIMOGES, Très Tôt Théâtre QUIMPER, THV Saint Barthelemy d’Anjou.

MA compagnie is support by Ministère de la Culture – DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine (aide à la création), Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Ville de Bordeaux.