De Stilte (NL): HiHaHutBuilders

Thu 25.4. at 10 am & 6 pm @ Hurjaruuth’s Stage 
Age recommendation: 2+. Duration approx. 40 min.

An imaginative duet in an intimate setting.

In the middle of a blue field with fair-weather clouds, there’s a … well, what is it actually? Because no one knows what it is, we call it a bed, a mountain, a house or anything else we think of. A man and woman appear. Like the fluttering of a butterfly, the stories emerge.

De Stilte treats young and old to an imaginative unfolding and evolving story in intimate surroundings. A tiny universe with dew, sun, wind, rain and snow is brought to life, in which the boundaries between audience and dancers gradually become blurred.

Ticket prices (including transaction fees) from 14/17 e.
Group ticket for morning shows 10 e / person. 
Reservations tel. 09 565 7250 or liput(at)hurjaruuth.fi.
Tickets available also in Ticketmaster.

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