Ruutia! Edition 2018

Compagnia TPO (ITALY): Panda’s Home

Tue 17.4. at 10 am & 6 pm @ Zodiak’s Stage 
Age recommendation: 4+. Duration approx. 50 min.

With dancing steps, following footprints left by a panda, we will venture into the culture and history of distant China. We will understand how, for the Chinese thought, all the elements of nature are in relation to each other in a circular. This is ‘the theory of the five elements (WU XING), one of the fundamental concepts of Eastern philosophy. According to this theory each element transforms and generates the following ones: wood-fire-earth-metal-water.

The “five elements” outline a virtual path in which the audience is really involved thanks to the interactive set that allows images and sounds to react simultaneously with the actions of the spectators, providing a suggestive opportunity of playing that will make the theatrical experience unique.

DA. TE Danza (ESP): Cuál es mi nombre…?

Fri 20.4. at 10 am @ Hurjaruuth’s Stage

Age recommendation: 2+. Duration approx. 45 min.

A sofá that is a train, a carpet converted into a mirror, a mountain of grass that moves, poppy lamps and you and me! What is your name? Yes, you, What is your name?

The identity is strenghened over the years but your essence is in you since you are born, you love, you laugh and you cry just as anyone else, does not matter where you come from, or what your name might be. This happens during childhood, labels do not count, a wonderful world is born before our eyes when all we need is our imagination and a friend with whom to share our dreams. Come into our shows and have fun, does it matter what you call yourself?

The child will recognize the language linked to the movement and this, linked to light and music, inmerse in a family and fun atmosphere, capturing his attention, without needing to resort to superficial effects. Each object can have a useful and very different way we want it to be, everything and everyone can become what we imagine, in a balloon, in an armchair, in you… In this story everything is a game, the search for your name will be very entertaining, play to watch, watch playing. Through the movement we will enter a world that will awaken the imagination of children and adults. The words will be the thread of this story that is told through the dance. You know what?….. I don’t care what your name is, I only want to play with you.

Andalusian dance company DA.TE DANZA is a reference of quality in the artistic discipline of contemporary dance.

Nevski Prospekt (BE): Amen to that

Fri 20.4. at 6 pm & Sat 21.4. at 3 pm @ Zodiak’s Stage 
Age recommendation: 5+. Duration approx. 55 min.

“Amen to that” is about personal loss and how to deal with it. About true friendship. About an unstoppable passion to realize the biggest dreams imaginable. And the thin line between being genius and mad.

With this performance Nevski Prospekt produces a new intimate, physical and poetic performance for a young audience, this time balancing somewhere between comedy and thriller. The company returns to its original cast and crew that created the successful “Hop” in 2011.

For every production the collective looks for a specific way to creatively involve the young audience.

Camara & Kallinen (GUINEA-SUOMI): Koirat, apinat ja maapähkinäpelto

Sat 21.4. at 1 pm @ Hurjaruuth’s Stage 
For the whole family. Duration approx. 40 min.

Compagnie Acta (FRA): Sons… Jardins Secrets

Wed 18.4. at 6 pm & Thu 19.4. at 10 am @ Zodiak’s Stage 
Age recommendation: 4+. Duration approx. 40 min.

Tanssiva satuhetki sateenkaaren väreissä

Panda’s Home

Cuál es mi nombre…?

Amen to that

Koirat, apinat ja maapähkinäpelto

Sons… Jardins Secrets

Tanssiva satuhetki sateenkaaren väreissä