Ponten Pie (SPAIN): Loo

Sat 29.4. at 1 pm & 3 pm, on Hurjaruuth’s Stage, Staircase A, 2nf Floor

Visual theatre from Catalonia! As well as being the name of a hot dry wind that blows on summer afternoons in India, Loo is the name of the character in this show, Loo’s mission is to push the desert dunes and devastate the wet lands, seas and oceans it comes across, leaving the ships paralysed on the sand. A show about desertification for children aged from 2 to 5. A poetic and visual proposal. A sensorial experience that the young audience experiences directly on the stage.

Ticket prices (including transaction fees) from 15/12 e.
Group ticket for morning shows 8 e / person. 
Reservations tel. 09 565 7250 or liput(at)hurjaruuth.fi.
Tickets available also in Ticketmaster.

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LOO Teaser from Ponten Pie on Vimeo.