Red Pearl women’s clown festival

First time in February 2012 organized Red Pearl women’s clown festival brought world-renowned female clowns to Finland and Sweden. Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Helsinki, Espoo City Theatre and Regina Theatre from Uppsala jointly produced the festival, which presented acts from Brazil, England, Austria, Sweden and Finland. Most clowns have traditionally been male, but this festival  serve as a reminder that first-class female clowns can be found in the Nordic countries and all over the world.

Last festival presented female clowns from France, Mexico, Sweden and Finland. Next Festival in February 2019!

Welcome to the 7th edition of 

RED PEARL FESTIVAL 6.-9.2.2019. Programme & tickets available in December 2018!
On Hurjaruuth´s Stage, Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1 A, 2nd floor

Festival 2018:

Perhaps, perhaps….Quizas


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