Marta Carbayo (ES/DK): Cantaclown

Thu 9.2. at 6.30 pm
Fri 10.2. at 6.30 pm

An opera singer comes on stage to perform classical opera, but it becomes everything but classical opera. Because Marta Carbayo has her own understanding of what a performance should be like – and furthermore has she filled her bra up with innumerable things. Every object she pulls out transforms the show in new and unexpected ways. Time after time she can’t resist the temptation to play with her surroundings and the result is always the same: the audience laughs and has a wonderful time. Every single act in this prize winning show is wonderfully absurd and delightfully refreshing.

Tickets (including transaction fees) from: 25 / 15 e. Festival pass 55 e (only from Hurjaruuth).

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