The Song of the Snails

Song of Snails is a performance for babies, little people and others too. It’s based on the poem “Song of snails on their way to the funeral of the leaf of autumn” by the French poet Jacques Prévert.

The visual performance features the dancer Leena Gustavson and has been directed by theatre director Arja Pettersson. The music is by Hannu Oskala and the animations and illustrations by Keanne van de Kreeken. The stage design is by Simon Le Roux and the light design is by Riku Virtanen.

Leena Gustavson portrays a gardener who has grown a tropical garden for arctic conditions. The spectators sit in the garden during the performace and have the chance to enjoy palms, paths made of sand and the events of an enchanted garden. The drawings and animations projected around the audience in a panorama move the story of the snails forward. There is time for an entire year to pass during the performance.

Director: Arja Pettersson
Performer: Leena Gustavson
Music: Hannu Oskala
Animations and illustrations: Keanne van de Kreeke
Set design: Simon Le Roux
Light design: Riku Virtanen

Premiere on Hurjaruuth’s stage 5.3.2006.

Duration 30 min.

Recommended for children (6 months–3 years)