Flora & Fauna

Dive into the amazing world of nature by means of music, dance and video art!

On Hurjaruuth’s Stage
WED 11.4.2018 at 6 pm
THU 12.4.2018 at 10 am
SAT 14.4.2018 at 3 pm

The Show is available also for Festivals, events, etc. Ask more from Hurjaruuth, tel. 09 565 7250.

Age recommendation: 2+

Direction: Arja Pettersson
Choreography and dance: Vilma Tihilä
Sound design and music: Viljami Lehtonen
Video design: Joona Pettersson
Light design: Antti Helminen
Costumes: Pauliina Sutinen
Lyrics: Pisko Aunola & Working Group

World Premiere in Kamerun, FATEJ Festival, 14.11.2016.
Premiere in Finland, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth (Ruutia! Festival) 25.4.2017
Visit in Poland, Theatre Children’s Week Festival 29.5.2017 and Hippalot – Art Festival for Children in Hämeenlinna 5.8.2017.