Tomeu Amer (Spain) Tomeu, who is from Mallorca, is a clown and has talent in ladder acrobatics and german wheel. Tomeu and his spouse Griselda have their own circus group, Hotel iocandi. He has studied at the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona and has a long experience as an actor in various projects around Spain.

Florence Huet (France) Super skillful hula hoop tamer and juggler Florence has performed e.g. with the famous Jérôme Thomas’ group and with her own solo all over Europe and for example in Russia, the United States and Mexico. Florence has experience in ballet dancing and she has studied circus in France and in Kiev Circus School in Ukraine.

Arce López Gutiérrez (Spain) Arce has performed in Hurjaruuth’s Winter Circus in 2014 and 2016. He is a versatile performer who has accrued his talent for example in Cirque du Soleil’s events and in numerous circus festivals. He has studied at the London’s Circus Space (nowadays National Centre of Circus Arts) and works also as a circus teacher. Arce’s specialty is Chinese pole.

Griselda Juncà (Spain) Griselda, from Barcelona, is a trapeze artist. She and Tomeu have their own circus group, Hotel iocandi. Griselda has studied at the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona and at the London’s Circus Space (nowadays National Centre of Circus Arts).

Matti Koskela (Finland) The handstand expert Matti has studied circus at Turku Arts Academy and at Hebei Wuqiao Acrobatic Art School in China. Matti has performed for example in Finnish Sirkus Supiainen, Norwegian Cirkus Zorba and one of England’s most famous circus, Zippos Circus. Before his circus career, Matti practiced capoeira, the martial art combined with dance and acrobatics.

Wes Peden (USA) Wes has been practicing juggling since childhood and in fact he is a second-generation juggler. Wes is originally from the United States and has lived in Sweden for the past years. He has performed in over 25 countries including Japan, Australia and Iceland. His energetic, complex and playful juggling style has won him awards from the International Juggling Association and the festival Cirque de Demain.

Andrii Pluto (Ukraine) B-boy Pluto is a self-taught break dancer. He has lived in Finland for three years now. Pluto competes and teaches breakdance around the world.

Aino Savolainen (Finland) Aino has graduated from Stockholm’s Danshögskolan as a circus artist. Her circus act is Cyr wheel. Before her professional circus career, Aino practiced circus for many years in Circus Helsinki.

Emre Sevim (Turkey) Emre, from Istanbul, is a b-boy called Mr. GusT. He has performed for example in Arja Tiili company’s performance Break the Fight. He won the breakdance Finnish Championship in 2017 together with the Floorphilia group. Emre has lived in Finland for four years and is also the 2016 Talent Finland finalist.

Hanna Terävä (Finland) Hanna has studied dancing at Stockholm’s Danshögskolan as well as clownery in Stockholm’s Dramatiska Högskolan. She has performed in several Winter Circuses since the 1990s and in Hurjaruuth’s beloved performance “The Door – Two Clowns in Trouble. Hanna has the master’s degree in clownery and she has performed in Svenska Teatern, Finnish National Opera and with her clownery solo work around the world. In Hurjaruuth’s Red Pearl female clown festival Hanna has mesmerized hearts as a clown Maija. She will be seen as Cupid in the Winter Circus Love.

Virva Torkko (Finland) Virva has studied dance in Kuopio’s Savonia University of Applied Sciences and in Hungary’s Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. A versatile dancer has performed both in Finland and abroad and has also worked as a dance teacher.

Jouni Ihalainen (Finland) Jouni has graduated from the Fratellini circus school in France and he has history in the Winter Circus in 2014. In the Winter Circus Love Jouni works as a circus technician and a rigger. As a “stage-ninja” he also works as a counterbalance in the aerial acts.

Otto Eskelinen (Finland) Bass clarinet, flute, accordion, keyboard… Super versatile musician Otto has composed and played earlier in the Winter Circus Dream (2014) and the Winter Circus Memory (2016). He has also composed the music for Hurjaruuth’s Pinocchio show and worked for example in the bands The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo, New Garden Orchestra, Astro Can Caravan and Cosmo Jones Beat Machine.

Pentti Luomakangas (Finland) Pentti Luomakangas is an experienced art and cultural multitalent and visionary. He produces, designs, executes and composes music as well as plays e.g. tuba and guitar. He has also performed with the flaming saxophone. He’s been working in theaters, gigs, performances and Hurjaruuth’s Winter Circuses earlier in the years 2011, 2014 and 2016.

Tapani Varis (Finland) Multi-instrumentalist Tapani Varis has experience in folk music and he’s been playing gigs both in Finland and abroad. Tapani plays for example in the bands Tapani Varis Collective and Them Bird Things.

Niko Votkin (Finland) The percussion instrument virtuoso Niko Votkin has played for example with Ismo Alanko, Jonna Tervomaa and Astrid Swan, Stringpurée band and rock band Knucklebone Oscar. He also played in the Winter Circus Dream (2014) and the Winter Circus Memory (2016) with the orchestra Peloton. In addition to drums and percussion instruments, Niko plays guitar and keyboards as well as sings and creates electronic sounds.