Compagnia TPO (ITALY): Panda’s Home

Tue 17.4. at 10 am & 6 pm @ Zodiak’s Stage 
Age recommendation: 4+. Duration approx. 50 min.

With dancing steps, following footprints left by a panda, we will venture into the culture and history of distant China. We will understand how, for the Chinese thought, all the elements of nature are in relation to each other in a circular. This is ‘the theory of the five elements (WU XING), one of the fundamental concepts of Eastern philosophy. According to this theory each element transforms and generates the following ones: wood-fire-earth-metal-water.

The “five elements” outline a virtual path in which the audience is really involved thanks to the interactive set that allows images and sounds to react simultaneously with the actions of the spectators, providing a suggestive opportunity of playing that will make the theatrical experience unique.

Ticket prices (including transaction fees) from 15/12 e.
Group ticket for morning shows 8 e / person. 
Reservations tel. 09 565 7250 or liput(at)
Tickets available also in Ticketmaster.
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Panda’s Home

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