Colette Gomette (FRA) and Anna de Lirium (AUT): The One & The One

Sat 11.2. at 6 pm

In the pure tradition of the greatest comical duos like Arlecchino & Brighella, Footit & Chocolat, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin we discover Tanja Simma and Hélène Gustin as Anna de Lirium & Colette Gomette in a hilarious combination of female clown power.

After their encounter at two international Festivals in Brasil in 2014 these two real masters of visual clown art have decided to join forces.

2 grand clowns – instantly captivating just by their appearance: Anna, tall and with generous curves, and the petite Colette are inseparable.

The first is naive and rather slow, the latter speedy and a bit mischievous. What seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, is in reality two sides of the same coin – they belong together like yin and yang.

While these two ladies try to reach their goal, which is nothing more than playing a flute, we perceive the wide range of human relations.

The performers’ wealth of experience and their simplicity on the stage allow wisdom and universality to shine through every moment of their act.

Tickets (including transaction fees) from: 25 / 15 e. Festival pass 55 e (only from Hurjaruuth).

The One & The One


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