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First time in February 2012 organized Red Pearl women’s clown festival brought world-renowned female clowns to Finland and Sweden. Most clowns have traditionally been male, but this festival  serve as a reminder that first-class female clowns can be found in the Nordic countries and all over the world.

Festival program


matkalla uWINTER CIRCUS 
Winter Circus is a warm-hearted, eventful show and it keeps people of all ages amused and excited. There are no language barriers, either. The wordless storytelling is at everyone's reach. Season is now over - more than 30 000 kids & adults came to see Winter Circus Journey by Maksim Komaro. Next Winter Circus starts in November 2016!

Winter Circus at Pannuhalli, Cable Factory. Read more about Winter Circus.




tonttukoulu uTHE ELF SCHOOL

The Elf School is an ambitious circus school and its pupils learn a wide range of circus skills: floor, pair and pyramid acrobatics, balancing acts, juggling and theatrical expression. More information.